Chuck those New Year resolutions and talk to your heart

Chuck those New Year resolutions and talk to your heart

Have you wished Happy New Year to your heart as yet ?


Ok, so you listed down the 2017 New Year Resolutions, partied hard and woke up late feeling slightly groggy. A voice inside you, whispered — “Now, time to get on with your resolutions. Get up and go for that jog. It ain’t too late and the weather is perfect outside.”

As you sit up in bed, you tell yourself — “it is only January 1st, that too a Sunday, I should give myself some rest and start fresh from tomorrow”.

There may be a tiny tinge of guilt — but it gets washed down over a strong cup of coffee, originally meant to clear the hang-over.

Actually, this may be a very good idea and I would submit that is exactly what you should do.

Take it a bit easy. Have a leisurely but light lunch (advisable after the excesses of last night) and even a short snooze. But, thorough all that keep processing your “Resolution List” at the back of the mind.

Go for a long walk in the afternoon. If there are woods, a lake or even a large park with trees close by — nothing like it. Otherwise, any silent zone would do. Quieten down the mind.

Try some mindfulness in motion and pay attention to the thoughts passing through your head. Reflect upon the things are of value to you. Ask yourself — why they are so important? What do they mean to you? Try to visualise what it would do to you — if you achieved them? Do you feel a rush of energy or a sense of happiness descending just thinking about them.? At the end of the walk are you in a tranquil space or a state of agitation?

Either ways, coming home sit down with the list you had prepared earlier. Challenge each item — ask if they are really important or you have included them just because you felt they are good to do? Would doing them take you any closer to that condition you had experienced during the walk. Or are they mere landmarks or milestones to be replaced with new ones next year? Would accomplishing them give you a sense of achievement or conquest or inner joy and satisfaction?

If the agitation, restlessness or disquiet still remains — then there may be a need to revisit the list from scratch going to the core of the dissonance. Ask yourself — what is wrong, why doing those tasks won’t make you happy ? Are there some fundamental conflicts with your values and beliefs that is causing the disturbance.

Give yourself time — till you experience total peace and no contradiction between what you wish to do and you think the world (society, career, even family) expects you to do.

There’s no rush. Trash the list if you have to. Draw up another list. Feel free to change or edit as many times as required. Be at it – for as many days till you hear that voice within saying – this is it.

Do not get started till there is absolute alignment between your values, beliefs and goals.

Otherwise, there is every chance that you will end up with another unfulfilled list at the end of the year and start all over again.

(the author is a practising Life and Leadership Coach who works with young professional aspiring for CXOs and Leadership roles)

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